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Boy’s Love For Brother With Down Syndrome Shows In Viral Video



  • Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber’s “10,000 Hours” becomes a boy’s anthem for his younger brother with Down’s Syndrome.
  • Older brother Rayce sweetly sings the song to Tripp in a video captured by their mom, Nicole Powell.
  • Nicole says the video is an opportunity for people to overcome the stigma linked to individuals living with Down Syndrome.

When faced with giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome, Nicole Powell and JJ Grieves knew that they were keeping him in spite of the health problems that he would have.   

For some, Down Syndrome can be a daunting task. But for the family from Cabot, Arkansas, the love and joy that their youngest child Tripp has brought into their lives is worth it.


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They have even become advocates of the elimination of the stigma surrounding people living with Down Syndrome.

As Tripp’s mom Nicole said, “He’s the same as the rest of us.” Tripp just takes a little longer to learn, needs a little more caring and loving which is what this world needs. 

The loving mom now runs a Facebook group called “Team Tripp” where videos, photos, and ideas about Down Syndrome parenting is shared.

Photo Credit: Nicole Powell

Through all the challenges, one person has been Tripp’s strongest ally: his older brother Rayce.

Rayce has “never skipped a beat” about Tripp from the first time he was informed about his unborn sibling’s condition. He and Tripp are inseparable and have the strongest bond.

Photo Credit: Nicole Powell

Rayce shares his love for the song “10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber with Tripp.

In a video that has gone viral, Rayce gently caresses Tripp’s face while sweetly singing the song for Tripp.

Nicole said, “This is how Rayce bonds with Tripp. He sings to him all the time. He swears this song is about him and his brother.”

Photo Credit: Nicole Powell

Here’s what makes the song “fittingly” Tripp’s:

“I’d spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more if that’s what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours. I might never get there but I’m going to try. If it’s 10,000 hours or the rest of my life, I’m going to love you.”

Photo Credit: Nicole Powell

It has been a year since Tripp’s birth but the love that the two have for each other has grown even stronger. Nicole says that this only shows that would-be mothers of children with Down Syndrome should not be scared:

“That baby will be such a gift to your family in so many ways, and I promise his/her siblings will love them like no other!”

Source: Inspire More