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Bulldog Insists That He Be Included Every Time His Dad Bathes



  • This bulldog enjoys his bath time more than anything in the world.
  • The obsession is true for all bodies of water. The dog also likes to swim in lakes or ponds, splashing and playing around.
  • He begs his owner to allow him to join the bath every single time, no matter how dirty he is after playing around all day.

Bathing pets can be a handful at times, but this is not the case for this bulldog.

Blue watches out for people using the bathroom, waiting for somebody to turn the knob on their tub faucet. This becomes like a sixth sense for the dog. He comes charging from whichever part of the house he is at, running towards the bathroom every time he hears the water running.   

“You have to close all the doors,” Will McCameron says. “Otherwise, he’ll come running across the house and try to jump in.”

It is not just the tub either. The dog fancies a dip every time he encounters bodies of water, especially when his dad is not looking.

 “I’ve had other dogs before but I’ve never had a water dog — and he is definitely a water dog,” Will said. “Bath, shower, lake, pool, whatever, he’s getting in.”

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Blue likes to swim in lakes or ponds, splashing, and playing around. This does not happen inside the bathtub. Blue understands that their tub is all about relaxation, not for playing. “Once he gets in the bathtub he just sits there and soaks,” Will said.

During the day, the dog tags along with his dad, to the brewery where he works. This almost always means that by the end of the day, the dog is covered in filth. It is no wonder that him being on the same tub as his dad becomes a problem, but he has a tested solution for this.

He begs until he is allowed in.

 “A lot of times, he’ll climb up and bark at you and whine and bang his nose on the wooden part of the tub underneath, and eventually he’ll just give up and jump in,” Will said.

There are times Blue ends up exhausted waiting for the bath to finish, the dog falls asleep on the tub.

What comes second in his list of favorite things to do is their post-bath activity.  “He’s a little baby bull,” Will said. “Whenever he gets out, he likes to charge whoever has the towel and wrestle and play and attack and try to knock them over.”

“He’s just a super nice, sweet dog,” he added. “He’s probably going to turn out to be the best dog I’ve ever had.”

Source: The Dodo