Bulldog overjoyed at new ice pool [Video]

  • Two bulldogs get a refreshing treat from their mom on a summer day.
  • One dog, Chandler, dives headfirst and jumps in and out of the icy swimming pool while her brother Walter watches.
  • Chandler’s enthusiasm and joy over the ice pool delights their mom at the same time helps in managing her brother Walter’s anxiety.

It took a big blue plastic swimming pool to get Chandler, an energetic dog, overjoyed!

Dog owner Michelle Guo has two bulldogs named Walter and Chandler.  Walter had a bad experience as a pup and so has anxiety.  Chandler on the other hand is fun-loving and spirited.

One sunny but not extremely hot day, Guo decided to set up an ice pool in the backyard for the bulldogs.  Guo made sure that the temperature was just enough to not jar the dogs.   She was expecting that the water-loving and ice-chewing Walter would be the first one to jump into the pool but Chandler was the one who ran, hopped and went diving headfirst into the pool!

Chandler was jumping in and out of the ice as if it was a new Olympic sport while Walter was on the sidelines and remained cautious. This behavior is typical of the two bulldogs.  Chandler’s enthusiasm and happy spirit has aided Walter in managing his anxiety and letting him come out of his shell.  Chandler is a source of comfort for Walter.

Photo Credit: Michelle Guo

Chandler also shows her mom a lot of love. Guo said, “When Chandler is with me, I always feel safe.” She added, “She likes to sleep on the bed like a human, with her head on a pillow.”

You want to make friends with Chandler and be a receiver of his love and affection? A big blue plastic swimming pool would certainly get her attention.

Photo Credit: Michelle Guo

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Source: The Dodo

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