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Bus Driver Calmly Keeps Kids Safe from Armed Gunman [Video]



  • Bus driver Kenneth Corbin had just recently taken a routine training class about hijacking when an armed gunman boarded his bus.
  • As the hijacker demanded that he keep driving while he moved the kids to the front of the bus, Kenneth kept his calm until the hijacker decided to abort his mission.
  • Kenneth, who has been hailed a hero, insists that it was the kids who wore down the gunman with their questions.

When South Carolina bus driver Kenneth Corbin took a routine training class that covered what to do during a hijacking, he never thought it would happen to him days later.

Photo Credit: Facebook

An armed gunman suddenly boarded his school bus, aimed a rifle at him, and ordered him to keep driving.

The whole incident was caught on the surveillance camera. The gunman was later identified as Army trainee Jovan Collazo.

Photo Credit: ABC7 Chicago

Kenneth calmly kept driving as the gunman moved all the children to the front of the bus.

It was then that the inquisitive kids peppered the gunman with questions: “Are you an Army man? Are you going to hurt us? Are you going to hurt our driver?”

According to Kenneth, it was the kids’ unrelenting questions that wore down the hijacker, who eventually demanded that Kenneth pull over and unload his passengers. He said that they have only been traveling 4 miles when the gunman “got frustrated with the questions” and decided to abort whatever plan he had in mind.

Kenneth told ABC7 Chicago, “At the very end, the kids were the ones who got the gentleman off the bus. They pretty much had my back as much as my concern was for them.”

The six minutes of hijacking may seem short, but it left a lasting impression on the local community. Kenneth was hailed a hero for calmly handling the incident and was awarded for his heroism by South Carolina officials.

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School board member Dr. Teresa Holmes commended his actions on Facebook, writing, “Our School Board and Richland Two School District paid honor to this wonderful man and his wife. His bravery and his kids’ bravery in the face of danger means so much to everyone in the community. Please thank him.”

The gunman has since been apprehended. He is facing more than two dozen charges, which include 19 charges of kidnapping.

The humble Kenneth refuses to take all the credit, insisting that it was the kids who “had his back” just as much as he had theirs.

Photo Credit: ABC7 Chicago

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