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Café Owner Feeds Stray Dog Regularly Even During Shutdown [Video]



  • Dulci Barbosa has been serving food to a special customer — a stray dog named Deneres.
  • Even when she had to close down her store during the pandemic, she never stopped going there to feed her.
  • She even got to meet Deneres’ puppies later on!

Dulci Barbosa was left with no choice but to shut her café business in Brazil due to the lockdown for the past several months. But that doesn’t mean she stopped serving food to one VIP (very important patron) — and that is Deneres, a sweet stray pup. 

Deneres has been visiting the café since last year. Being a dog lover herself, Dulci always makes sure the sweet dog is fed. She can’t adopt her anymore, however, because she already has three rescue pups at home!

So when her café closed down, Dulci took the extra mile every day to go there and bring food for Deneres.

“She never went hungry,” Dulci told The Dodo. “I was the only person she could count on.”

It came to a point that Deneres doesn’t treat Dulci as a mere source of food but rather a trusted friend. 

Dulci was finally able to reopen her café recently. Of course, Deneres was one of the first customers to be there and share that happy moment, wagging her tail in excitement!

Just like before, Deneres would come every morning and receive so much love from the store.

“I have a great love for her,” Dulci said — and Deneres apparently feels the same way.

Photo Credit: @dulci.barbosa.391 (Instagram)

Dulci didn’t really know where the dog spent her days when they’re not together, but she noticed a change in her body. She seemed to have been nursing a litter of puppies.

True enough, Deneres finally led Dulci to her cute little babies, and it made her really happy!


“Now, to rescue them and put them up for adoption,” she declared.

Photo Credit: @dulci.barbosa.391 (Instagram)

She brought them food and worked for their rescue and adoption. While it’s sad that there are still many stray dogs in Dulci’s community, we are happy that there are people like her who have a soft spot for homeless dogs. 

“I’ve already started campaigns to get them adopted,” Dulci said. “We’ll get it done. I’m certain we’ll find them homes.”

Source: The Dodo