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Café owner who helps out during COVID gets free trip to Belize [Video]



  • Bellden Café is a community-oriented café owned by single mom Claire Sumadiwiryia,
  • Claire lost 90% of her sales when COVID happened, but she chose to keep her staff and continue to help her community.
  • This led Good Morning America and Expedia to reward her goodwill with a trip to Belize, and we know she deserves it!

Winning a Caribbean vacation is a wonderful treat, especially if it’s for someone so deserving.

Claire Sumadiwiryia, a single mom to three kids, owns and operates Bellden Café, a community-oriented café in Bellevue, Washington.

Various publications have voted the café as “The Nicest Place in Washington” multiple times. And this recognition isn’t only because the place is absolutely gorgeous, more so because of its beautiful mission to serve the community and bring people together.

Claire partners with some charities and other groups to help them. She offers specialty drinks and food items on the menu and donates proceeds of these products. She also personally volunteers at charities before featuring them at the café.

To date, Bellden Café has sold over 10,000 specialty drinks!

The café also donates leftover pastries to organizations every evening.

The single-mom owner takes this goodwill seriously. When the COVID pandemic hit the globe, she lost 90% of her sales and feared that her business might shut down. Instead of minimizing expenditures, she took the risk of keeping her staff employed and pay them with her personal savings!


As shared with Good Morning America, Claire told her team that “If we are going to lose this, we are going to lose this with the best we had.”

Claire and her staff then refocused their energy and took part in the pandemic. They delivered coffee and PPE protective wear to hospital workers, and hosted diaper drives within the community.

What Claire’s doing is something the world couldn’t ignore. True enough, GMA teamed up with Expedia to appreciate her. And the best part is, it’s going to be with a trip to Belize with her kids!

She definitely deserves this treat.

Source: Tank’s Good News