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Camera-shy Poodle Mix Demands Bathroom Privacy



Quick Smiles:

  • An amusing video of a privacy-loving Shi Tzu and poodle mix has become a hit on TikTok.
  • The dog humorously refrains from relieving itself until its owner grants it the solitude it apparently desires, eliciting laughter and relatable experiences online.
  • Such privacy-related behavior isn’t entirely uncommon among our canine pals; it’s all about safety and security, as per experts.

I can’t stand outside which is open to the public but he can bust in on me as he pleases #dogsoftiktok #cutedog #funnydog #shihtzu #poodle #dogmom #dogtrend #puppylove #viral

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Take a respite from your day and enjoy a charming video of a camera-shy dog that’s trending on TikTok. Uploaded by a user named cheddarjamaal in April, the video features a Shi Tzu and poodle mix who has a unique quirk: it won’t go potty until its owner leaves it alone.

In the amusing footage, the dog, in a display of canine dignity, keeps glancing back at its owner and steadfastly refuses to relieve itself until the owner leaves the area, duly closing the door behind. This delightful behavior has captured the attention of many viewers, with several sharing their laughter and similar pet anecdotes.

Rest assured — the video tastefully maintains the dog’s privacy throughout.

Exploring the intriguing world of pet bathroom habits, dogs, as it turns out, have a precise set of preferences and routines when it comes to relieving themselves. Insights reveal that potty training in dogs is a delicate balance of consistency and patience. The goal is to establish a reliable routine that suits the dog’s needs and to exercise patience throughout the process.


“Creating a designated potty area and using positive reinforcement to encourage desired behavior,” is a commonly advised practice.

While some may find this behavior odd, those familiar with dogs know that their need for privacy while going potty isn’t entirely unusual. Essentially, this behavior is linked to their instinctive requirement to feel safe when vulnerable.

Dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli explains in an article that dogs might resist doing their business in certain places due to distractions or a perceived lack of safety. According to Farricelli, dogs, being creatures of habit, often favor familiar and peaceful environments for their bathroom visits.

“The dog’s behavior is also attributed to a dog’s natural instincts and their interactions with their surroundings,” says Dr. Loretta, a veterinarian on an expert advice platform. She further describes that some dogs may be fearful to relieve themselves in unfamiliar locations due to potential anxiety or discomfort.

For pet owners, the key is to create a secure, stress-free environment for their dogs to relieve themselves while being patient and offering positive reinforcement.

Unsurprisingly, this TikTok video of the camera-shy dog quickly gained traction on social media, amassing over 1.3 million views and a staggering 114,900 likes.



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