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Canine Crusaders: Activists Rescue 19 Dogs from Slaughterhouse



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  • Nineteen dogs were saved from an illegal slaughterhouse in Yulin, China, a week ahead of the city’s controversial Dog Meat Festival, by the China-based group Vshine, partnered with Humane Society International (HSI).
  • The dogs, who were in dire conditions upon rescue, have been transported to receive veterinary care, with sixteen residing in Vshine’s veterinary shelter and three under the care of a local animal group. HSI is providing additional assistance to help these dogs recover and find homes.
  • A survey indicates an increasing willingness among Yulin residents to ban the dog meat trade, aligning with the city of Shenzhen, which implemented such a ban in 2020.

Just in the nick of time, nineteen adorable dogs were saved from a horrifying fate thanks to the brave efforts of a group of Chinese activists.

Working closely with Humane Society International (HSI), the China-based group, Vshine, carried out the daring rescue operation at an illegal slaughterhouse on the outskirts of Yulin, China.

The rescue comes just a week ahead of the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival, a distressing event that sees thousands of dogs slaughtered every year since its inception in 2010.

This yearly event usually occurs during the summer solstice. Despite dwindling interest and lack of governmental support, the festival still stubbornly persists.

The activists found a shocking scene upon entering the slaughterhouse.

“This was one of the filthiest and bloodiest dog slaughterhouses we’ve ever seen. The dogs had just arrived by truck that morning, and we were devastated to find that we had arrived too late to save five dogs who had already been killed,” shared Teng, one of the activists who took part in the rescue.

Amid the grim situation, rescuers were met with faces of hope and relief from the surviving dogs, despite them being severely dehydrated, filthy, and matted.


“Most of the dogs greeted us with excitement, pawing the cage bars for attention, while others were really subdued and shaken,” Teng added.

With newfound hope, the dogs were swiftly moved from the squalid slaughterhouse into clean cages and transported to receive veterinary care.

Today, three are being cared for by a local animal group, while the other 16 are safe and sound at Vshine’s veterinary shelter in northern China.

HSI is providing additional support to ensure all 19 dogs recover fully and find loving homes.

“We are so grateful to the Chinese activists for taking a stand against this hideously cruel trade. Most people across China do not support this cruelty, and surveys show that even in Yulin, most people are not opposed to a ban. It’s time to put an end to this misery,” said Dr. Peter Li, HSI’s China policy specialist.

According to HSI, a recent survey reveals that the tides may be turning in Yulin.


81% of Yulin residents did not object to a ban on the dog meat trade when asked if they should follow the footsteps of mainland cities like Shenzhen, which put a dog and cat meat ban in place in 2020.

Through the courageous efforts of activists like Vshine and HSI, there is renewed hope for a brighter, more compassionate future for dogs in China.