Caught on Camera: Cat Befriends Mouse [Video]

Cat Befriends Mouse

  • Simon is a sweet cat who’s friendly and compassionate to even the creatures we call pests.
  • One day, his owner found him playing affectionately with a mouse instead of killing it.
  • Simon’s compassion influenced his owner to let the mouse be and welcome him into their home.

Meet Simon. The sweet cat from the city of Punta Arenas, Chile, is friendly even to some creatures that we humans would call “pests.” For instance, instead of hunting and killing a mouse as he’s supposed to, he befriends it.

Cat Befriends Mouse
Photo Credit: Benjamín Sagredo

His owner, Benjamín Sagredo, learned just how friendly Simon was a few weeks ago.

Benjamín had been hearing faint, strange noises from the kitchen, but he only heard it occasionally so he didn’t think too much of it.

He had also seen Simon “playing with something under an armchair once,” but he didn’t know that it was an intruder.

Cat Befriends Mouse
Photo Credit: Benjamín Sagredo

It was only one morning when Benjamín saw what was making the noises.

The scene he saw seemed unreal. Simon was drinking from his water bowl while a mouse sat calmly near him. Benjamín witnessed the supposed predator “being affectionate” with his supposed prey, which suggested that they had already been “closely acquainted.”

“I decided to record it. I thought no one would believe me,” he said.


In the video, Benjamín can be heard telling Simon that he must kill the mouse.

But he was surprised to see Simon acting so friendly with the mouse, so he resigned and “felt for the little mouse” as well. “I couldn’t dream of hurting him,” he said.

He ended up naming the mouse Chefcito, perhaps as a nod to the little chef in the animated movie “Ratatouille.”

Benjamín collected the little creature and placed him outside, in case he wanted to escape. But it seemed that Simon had already made Chefcito feel welcome, so he has returned several times.

Cat Befriends Mouse
Photo Credit: Benjamín Sagredo

Benjamín can’t help but be influenced by Simon’s compassion.

“We love that Simon accepts him. He’s a very affectionate and sociable cat,” he said. “If Chefcito keeps coming, we’re going to have to adopt him.”

You can follow Simon and his adventures on Instagram.


Source: The Dodo

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