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Cat Caught On Camera Stealing Monkey Dolls From Store Shows No Remorse [Video]



  • A walk along the streets of Cyprus leads to a discovery of a crime in progress.
  • A cat was playing with a mound of stuffed monkey toys that he stole from a store across the street.
  • The store owner knew of the stealing spree but did not mind as he enjoyed the cat’s funny crime.

When Connor Cutts went to the island of Cyprus, he was not expecting to be a witness to a crime. 

Cutts and his companion were on a stroll one pleasant evening when they stumbled upon a cat — enjoying his collection of stuffed monkeys.  It looked seemingly innocent as the cat was just playing with the toys. 

They were just observing him when it dumped one monkey it was playing with and then headed off across the street.

Photo Credit: @chezcone (TikTok)

And that’s where the mystery of the mound of monkeys and the crime was discovered.  The cat went to the store to steal one more monkey!  The store owner even went after him!

What a thief!  He has not even paid for the mound of monkeys that he has already stolen and he’s back again to get one more!

Photo Credit: @chezcone (TikTok)

But the store owner bears no hard feelings for the cat. Ioannis Anthimou said that he knew that the cat was robbing his store but he has no problem with it. He said, “The cat was very funny. OK, we lost some money, but we enjoyed the cat [regardless].”

They have no idea where the cat came from or why he had to have lots of toy monkeys or why he chose the monkeys over all the other toys at the store.  It’s just that he enjoyed playing with them and did not care at all if they were for sale.  He just had to have them. 

Photo by Christopher Ruel on Unsplash

Maybe someone could name him Bandit.

Stumbling upon the crime scene could just be the most fun memory of Cyprus that Cutts has.

Source: The Dodo