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Cat ‘Doesn’t Like’ His Baby Brother When His Parents Are Around, But Cuddles With The Baby In Secret



  • This cat shows his discontentment about the baby inside their house.
  • Their mom was surprised to see the cat hanging out with the baby. As it turns out, the cat likes his little brother after all.
  • Their parents now know that their cat is all cuddles when their backs are turned and he just does not know how to express his affection towards his little brother.

The day his parents brought home the baby is the day things around their house changed from what it was like when he was a kitten. Loki is not the only baby inside the house anymore. This is probably the reason that the cat shows discontentment about the new addition to their small household. 

“He was terrified of my son when we brought him home,” Jess Davern said. “He would jump and run out of the room if he realized the baby was close.” 

Jess had no idea whether their cat would ever be close to her son. It is not like the two had the choice not to live under the same roof, but after some time, the cat has gotten used to the baby inside the house.

One morning, she was preparing for the day when something unexpected happened. Jess looked over at the baby monitor…

… and was surprised to see the cat was inside the crib. Loki was hanging out with the baby!

Loki was brushing himself up next to his little brother. Clearly, he is giving him plenty of attention, and his mom was pleased to see that the cat shares an affection for his little brother even if it is in secret.

“I was super surprised,” Jess said. “Normally it’s me he does that to in the morning.” 

There is no denying it anymore. The cat probably takes issue with how to show it, but as it turns out that he does love his little brother. Loki shows it best when their parents are not around.

“As soon as I saw it I started recording the footage,” Jess said. 

The part where the cat is not a fan of his baby brother is now just a ruse whenever their parents are around. Their parents know that their cat is all cuddles when their backs are turned. They just hope that their cat could be best friends with their son eventually. 

Source: The Dodo