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Cat Gains Instant Fame After She’s Caught Joining Her Dad Doing Live Weather Report! [Video]



  • Just like the rest of us, Jeff Lyons works at home in a makeshift office as a weather reporter.
  • One time, while doing a live report, his cat named Betty suddenly joined him on screen.
  • Betty’s fan base grew larger and now she’s with Jeff in every live report.

Work from home has become part of the new normal now as it is still not safe to go out with the threats of coronavirus lingering.

Jeff Lyons from Evansville, Indiana, who works as a weather newscaster, was recently delivering his report when out of nowhere, his cat suddenly wanted to join him. Giving up to his cat’s demands, he finally let her join him on-screen. Needless to say, everybody loved that catful episode, and people have since called her “Betty the Weather Cat.”

Jeff even started getting countless requests from his fans to see Betty instead of himself. Good thing, he has a good sense of humor!

He then jokingly posted on Facebook: “W.C. Fields famously said: ‘Never work with kids and animals.’ I should heed that advice, but I think I’ve been replaced.”

Photo Credit: Jeff Lyons

Since people are loving Betty, why not give it to them? So Jeff decided to have Betty join his live reports and he even did a Q and A with her growing fans.

His TV station even made a video of Betty’s behind the scenes while she works with her dad in his makeshift office at home with a green background, bright lights, monitors, and all things needed to do a live weather report.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lyons

As it turns out, Betty never cared about fame nor did she intended to be a celebrity. All she wanted was to bathe in the warmth of the lights. But still, people love to see her on screen, and we do too.

We think Betty really has a chance to be a star—an adorable, sweet, furry, little star!

Source: Inspire More