Very Vocal Cat Has An Irresistible Way of Asking Mom for Cuddles [Video]

  • TikTok user @megtails42 posted a video of her cat, Lizzie, asking for cuddles while she was studying.
  • At first, she resisted but Lizzie continued meowing that she cannot help but be led to her bed for some cuddles.
  • Lizzie meows, purrs, holds out her paw, and shows her tummy, which melted her mom’s heart to give in to cuddles.

It is a pet owner’s dilemma when your beloved pet asks for cuddles and you are doing something.  But we all know we cannot help but give in.  We drop everything and show our love and trust through cuddles.

Thus, we all can relate to cat mom and TikTok user @megtails42 when she shared a video of her Ragdoll cat, Lizzie, asking her for cuddles.

Even if she said that she needs to study, she still goes up to her bed where Lizzie lay down and meows again and again.  She even showed her tummy to encourage her mom to start cuddling her. 

Lizzie went all out when she snuggled up to some pets and even licked her mom’s hands! affection from cats. This kitty really knows how to melt her mom’s resistance.  And so, cuddles it is.


Let her in my room while I worked today. Always patiently waiting for attention. #catsoftiktok #talkingcat #wfh #wfhlife #cutecat

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Viewers could not help but notice Lizzie’s tactics. As @xella_07 commented, “She started purring as soon as she jumped on the bed.” @jadee.str noted, “The way she holds out her paw to you.”

Lizzie’s moves are just some ways in which cats show affection and love for their humans. @littleabs2005 said, “And people say cats are evil when they are literally the sweetest pets in the world.”  Which another user, @2many2much seconded with, “I can’t believe people say cats are heartless.”

No matter what ploy or ways our pets think of and do to get cuddles, we are powerless to resist.  After all, it is not just them that gets the happy hormones, it works for us, too!

Source: Pet Helpful

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