Cat has the cutest reaction to mom returning from a trip [Video]

Pet owners around the world know how it feels to leave our beloved pets at home for a trip, especially when they are not allowed to come. It’s heartbreaking. And it’s sad for them as well. Even if it’s just for a day.

We know our pets need us to take care of them so we either call up a friend to watch our pets or sometimes, take them to a pet boarding home. Leaving them is always a struggle that’s why coming home is always so sweet.

@nimbus_siberian Not me expecting cuddles instead 🫠 #catsoftiktok #siberiancat #fyp #foryou #viral #cat #meow ♬ original sound – Nimbus ☁️

Most pets immediately show how much they miss us with excitement — non-stop kisses, jumping up and down, and wagging of tails. But that’s not always the case as some pets might have a different kind of reaction when we walk in the door. 

A TikTok user shared her experience about her cat @nimbus_siberian that was left at home with his cat dad and dog sibling. She went away on a trip and when she returned, she recorded Nimbus’ reaction. The cat looked shocked. Maybe because he thought she’d never return.

Photo Credit: @nimbus_siberian (TikTok)

Nimbus’s eyes were so big as if he couldn’t believe it was actually her mom. He looked hurt because she left him. In the video, Nimbus was meowing non-stop, probably saying, ‘How could you do this to me?’

Many TikTok users who had similar experiences with their cats shared their stories. One commenter, @Gwen Barringer, wrote, “My oldest kitty won’t even look at me for the first few hours after I’ve come home from being outta town.” LOL! It’s so sad but also so funny! 

That’s similar to what happened with this cat mom. “Oh it’s you 😒,” said another commenter. He was less than impressed. And then the text at the end of the video that said,  “You’ll pay for this tonight,” really got us LOLing.

In the end, Nimbus looked happy for mom to be back but TikTok user @Zayl warned, “You’d better keep an eye open tonight 😂.”

Source: Pet Helpful

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