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Cat Joins Mom Every Time She Takes A Bath



  • Jinx, unlike most cats, is not afraid of the water. In fact, she loves taking a bath, as long as her mom is in the tub.
  • Jinx was just a tiny kitten when she was rescued by Tracey Lehmann, who ended up adopting her.
  • The kitten was covered with fleas then that Tracey had to bathe her constantly. That’s when Jinx discovered her love for the water.

Jinx was a tiny 4-week-old kitten when she was rescued by her mom, Tracey Lehmann.

Tracey remembered how Jinx was covered in fleas and generally unclean, so she had to give her regular baths to get her clean and back to health.

“She was riddled with fleas when I first got her and because she was so young I didn’t want to give her any flea drops or tablets etc, so I would put her in the sink and wash her almost every day,” Tracey told The Dodo. 

Photo Credit: Tracey Lehmann

It’s a fact that most cats don’t like being wet, but Jinx is quite the opposite. She became obsessed with taking baths. Now, she always has to join Tracey whenever she’s taking a bath. 

“I know when she wants to hop in because she’ll end up looking at me and meowing constantly,” Tracey said. 

Photo Credit: Tracey Lehmann

Jinx will stay in the bath almost the entire time her mom is in there, just relaxing in the water and doesn’t mind being covered in bubbles by her mom. 

Photo Credit: Tracey Lehmann

“I usually take her out first so she can walk around the bathroom and dry off a little bit before letting her get the rest of the house dirty, but she’ll be in there for half an hour to 40 minutes just standing there or sitting on my lap,” Tracey said.

It’s not just bathtime that Jinx loves. Surprisingly, she also loves the rain. Maybe because she associates water with “feeling good” and that she remembers that all her fleas disappeared after constant baths. 

Photo Credit: Tracey Lehmann

“I’ll hold her under the rain and sometimes she’ll just fall asleep or lift her head up to the sky and close her eyes,” Lehmann said. 

For Jinx, being around water means happiness.

Source: The Dodo