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Cat Lover Uses Old Coolers to Create A Warm Place For Stray Cats During Winter



  • Philip Rogich from Utah is a cat lover and during the winter season, he always worries about the homeless cats not having a place to stay.
  • So with a little creativity, he decided to make cat houses out of old coolers to keep these feline friends warm.
  • His idea has sparked interest with other cat lovers so he provided a how-to guide to create them.

Philip Rogich from Utah has always been softhearted to cats and he knows that during the winter season, these feline friends travel great distances just to find a warm place to stay. This is something that Philip wants to take upon his shoulders and find a solution for.

Photo Credit: Philip Rogich

He ended up with the idea of creating DIY shelters for them. This is something that anyone can do without spending too much. All that is needed is an old cooler with a little creativity.

When Philip was asked by a local outlet why he decided to make “cat coolers,” he replied, “[Feral cats] just disappear, get overlooked. … They deserve to have their basic needs met.”

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The process is simple: using a drill bit, you have to make a hole in a lower corner of the old cooler, install an insulation piping and fill it with straw, and set it outside for the cat to find.

Creating this innovative cat house costs less than $10, takes only a few minutes to finish and lasts for at least ten years!

Photo Credit: Batman of Ogden

His creativity has gained a lot of attention and praise from other cat lovers. So Philip shared a tutorial on how to make them help others out. The best part is, he offers to make them for people without the right equipment, they simply have to donate their old cooler to his cause.

With the spring is near to come, Philip plans to continue making cat houses for the next winter season. For Philip, no cat deserves to be left outside deprived of a warm place to stay.

Source: Inspire More