Cat Makes Death Defying Leap To A Ceiling Lampshade To Sleep [Video]

  • A video of a cat leaping to reach a small hole on a dangling lamp shade has viewers dumbfounded.
  • And when the cat managed to wriggle its way inside the shade, it proceeded to lay down and sleep.
  • It just proves how cats love taking naps that they would do anything to find a comfortable place to snooze in.

A TikTok video shared by @psykbryt has got the viewers amazed at a cat jumping vertically to reach a ceiling lampshade.  

The cat has been eyeing the circular lampshade from its position as if thinking of the best way to reach it.  It then leaps straight into the shades’ hole, holds on tight to its edges and maneuvers its body to completely fill the inside space. 

And then it promptly plops down and sleeps.  The things that a cat does to take a nap.

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Zoologist and academic Luis Villazon said, “Cats can spend 18 hours a day sleeping. As they are solitary animals, they want a safe hiding place to snooze.”  So, it is no wonder that the lampshades’ location proved too tempting for the cat— private and for some, too high to reach.     

Besides, the floor might have been too cold and the temperature in the ceiling must have been 14°C [57°F], perfect for cats who prefer warmer weather than what humans like.

But if the cat’s human decides to turn the light on, it might be too hot for the napping feline.  Maybe that’s the time that it would jump back down and choose the bed or its human’s lap.

Photo Credit: @psykbryt_ (TikTok)

The cat’s stunt has got viewers like Margareta Graas calling the cat’s efforts as “genius” and Footinmouthgirl seconded with “that’s actually pretty impressive”.

If the cat was in a gymnastic competition, the feline would have gotten a “10/10 for precision jump calculated,” from Leokaiulani.

Some still could not believe the cat’s daring leap like Teemu Korhonen, who asked, “how did the cat figure out to jump there?” with skraideprol thinking that the feline “saw an opportunity and went with it.”

But one comment mirrored what cat owners know so well. Katebelllll said, “This is exactly the reason why I had to get rid of all hanging chandeliers.”

Well, this cat only proves that Snooze time is life for their kind.

Source: Newsweek

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