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Cat Pianist and Human Guitarist Collab in Viral Tiktok Duet [Video]



  • Just when you thought a video of a cat pianist is amazing enough, a human guitarist went ahead and made it a duet.
  • Barney the cat pianist is a musical prodigy who has previously wowed his online viewers with his skill.
  • A TikTok user then made a duet with the clip by playing the guitar to accompany Barney’s melody, and it soon became everyone’s favorite song to listen to during downtime.

When a pet plays an instrument, you can be sure that footage of it will go viral. That’s exactly what happened with a cat pianist who collaborated with a human guitarist in a hit TikTok duet.

The video was shared on Twitter on Tuesday evening with the caption, “someone did a collab TikTok with a cat and it’s perfect.”

The video has since been viewed more than 3.2 million times on Twitter.

The original video by TikTok user @mars.gilmanov only showed the part of Barney the cat pianist. The caption read, “New work from Barney.”

TikTok user @akizguitar then made a duet with the clip by playing the guitar to accompany Barney’s melody. They wrote, “still working on my phrasing with maestro cat.”

Barney the maestro cat has previously dazzled the online world with an older video of his piano playing.

User @akizguitar also duetted with that video, and captioned it, “Groovie lesson with maestro cat.”

The TikTok videos’ popularity was boosted when Twitter user @thegallowboob shared it on the social media platform.

Several netizens, including celebrities, were awed by the performance. Others called it their new favorite song and some appreciated the “Cat Jazz genre.”


The relaxing downtime music made everyone call for more duets between the unlikely duo.

Novelist Michael Marshall Smith put it eloquently: “Tonight I want to go downtown and find the hidden alleyway that was never there before and descend into a smokey walk-down bar and drink cocktails made of an old teal liquor that smells of fog and tastes of cinnamon, and listen while these two play quietly in the corner forever.”

You can check the two musicians out for updates by following cat pianist Barney and the guitar teacher on TikTok.

Source: Newsweek