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Cat Reunited with Owner After 10 Years Thanks to Microchip



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  • A decade after going missing, Mr. Mojo, a pet cat, was reunited with his owner, Erin, thanks to a microchip scan by the Charleston Animal Society in South Carolina. The cat was found just 2 miles from his original home.
  • Mr. Mojo had fled after a dog was added to the household, an addition he did not take kindly to. Despite Erin’s extensive efforts to locate him, including posting flyers, social media alerts, and regular checks at the shelter, Mr. Mojo remained missing until recently.
  • The story underscores the importance of microchipping pets and maintaining hope in the face of loss. Erin’s emotional reunion with Mr. Mojo offers encouragement for other pet owners with missing pets, showing that sometimes miracles do happen.

Just when you think all hope is lost, a miracle happens.

That’s what happened in Charleston, South Carolina, where a beloved pet cat named Mr. Mojo, who disappeared a decade ago, was reunited with his owner in a heartfelt twist of fate.

The secret to this heartwarming reunion? A simple, yet effective, microchip.

Mr. Mojo’s story is a testament to the power of hope and the wonders of modern pet technology. The Charleston Animal Society said that Mr. Mojo was found by animal control officers who scanned his microchip, revealing his true identity.

Interestingly, the adventurous feline was found just 2 miles from his original home, proving that sometimes, you can never stray too far from where you belong.

Mr. Mojo and his feline companion, Mahi, were adopted on the same day by Erin, their doting human. However, things took a turn when the household added a new member – a dog that Mr. Mojo found less than paw-some.

From then on, Mr. Mojo, a usually indoor/outdoor cat, chose the life of a wanderer, never returning home.


Erin, ever the dedicated pet mom, put in her best efforts to find Mr. Mojo.

“For weeks she put up flyers in her neighborhood, posted on social media, and checked the shelter. She did all the right things and still, Mr. Mojo wasn’t found,” the shelter shared in a heart-tugging Facebook post.

Fast forward to a decade later, when Erin received the call that every pet owner dreams of but rarely gets. Mr. Mojo was found.

According to the Charleston Animal Society, Erin “broke down in tears” upon hearing the incredible news. Without wasting a moment, Erin rushed to the shelter, eager to be reunited with her long-lost fur baby.


Erin’s perseverance and the tiny microchip embedded in Mr. Mojo were the heroes of this uplifting tale, reminding us of the undying bond between humans and their pets, and the importance of microchipping for our furry friends.

So here’s to Mr. Mojo, the cat who found his way back home after a decade of adventure, and to Erin, the pet mom who never lost hope.

Their story serves as a beacon of hope for all pet owners with missing furry family members – proving that sometimes, miracles do happen, and home, after all, is where the heart is.