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Cat Shows her Family How Offended she is by the Sign they Put up



  • Suraci Rue is a sweet and curious cat who simply loves food.
  • Since she keeps tricking her family to feed her again even after she’s already eaten, her mom decided to put up a warning sign.
  • When Suraci saw the sign that warned others she has been fed, she quickly turned to her family to express her disbelief.

Suraci Rue has always been known by her family as a sweet cat, ever since she was just a kitten.

Photo Credit: Kami Netz

Suraci’s mom, Kami Netz, told The Dodo, “She is super affectionate and listens as well as a cat can.”

She is also “very curious,” like most cats, and wants “to be involved in everything you’re doing,” shared Kami.

The beloved cat has perhaps only one vice: food.

It turns out that when it comes to food, Suraci can be such a trickster. Even after having eaten already, she will try to trick someone else to feed her again.

cat sign
Photo Credit: Kami Netz

Kami warned, “She will love you up hoping you will fill her bowl in return.”

Eventually, her mom had to find a way to prevent Suraci from being overfed.

“Suraci thinks she’s hungry all of the time, which inspired me to make the sign,” Kami shared.


So Kami put up a warning sign that read, “The cat has been fed, don’t believe her bullshit.” 

The sign was meant to remind anyone at home to not give Suraci any more food once she’s already been fed.

cat sign
Photo Credit: Kami Netz

When Suraci saw the sign, she sat in front of it and looked at it as if she were reading it!

She then turned around to give her family the sassiest look she could muster — she was clearly offended!

cat sign
Photo Credit: Kami Netz

Her family couldn’t help but laugh!

“When it looked like she was reading the sign it didn’t surprise me at all, she’s a fairly intelligent and comical cat,” Kami shared.

Suraci hasn’t given up, though. She still continues to trick her family into giving her more food. And despite the sign, she still gets away with it sometimes!

Sometimes it’s just impossible to say to no your pets, especially when they’re this cute.

Source: The Dodo