Cat Snuggling With Toy While Siblings Squabble Is The Definition Of Chill [Video]

  • A video of a cat chilling with his stuffed teddy while his siblings wrestle in the background has the net laughing.
  • The cat named Butters remains undisturbed by the chaos at his back and continues hugging his toy and blinking at his owner.
  • The  “family drama,” is just not bothering him.

While two cats wrestle each other on the ground and another one watches and contemplates if it should join in on the fun in the background, Butters the cat lays on the bed, holds on to his stuffy teddy and ignores his siblings.

@buttersthechkitten Butters is the bestest boi and he knows it 😇 #cat #catsoftiktok #pets #petsoftiktok #familydrama ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Butters even looks into his owner’s eyes, blinks and enjoys the serenity amidst the chaos that the three other cats are making. The  “family drama,” is just not bothering him.

The video shared on TikTok under @buttersthchkitten was captioned: “When family drama is happening but you just wanna be a chill boi.” Then the owner added: “Butters is the bestest boi and he knows it.”

@buttersthechkitten this sweet boi has major kickies today!!! #cat #catsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #pets ♬ Fight Song (fast) – Rachel Platten

Netizens and animal lovers are simply loving it!  So far, it has already been viewed 177,300 times and liked by 25,000.

This is not the first time that Butters has endeared himself to the viewers.  From the owner’s previous post, his fans learned that the 1-year-old Butters has severe cerebellar hypoplasia— a developmental condition where the affected cat’s cerebellum failed to develop properly, according to VCA Animal Hospitals.

The site further explained that the “cerebellum is the portion of the brain that controls fine motor skills, balance, and coordination. The condition is not painful or contagious.”

@buttersthechkitten Spooky pumpkin boi getting some water fountain practice in before his sisters get there!! #cats #pets #catsoftiktok #petsoftiktok ♬ Halloween Music – Sound Gallery by Dmitry Taras

Butters’ mom must have had feline panleukopenia virus when she was pregnant with him and his siblings and passed it on to him. The condition affects just one or all of the litter mates.

In spite of his condition, he really is one cool boy and User shazie noted that with: “world war 3 back there and he’s chill asf.” Which Latiearaa88 agrees with: “also like me your style Meow. Do my own business.”

Keep on chilling, Butters.  As DCalla7 commented: “Butters, rooting for you to grow stronger and stronger everyday.”

Source: Newsweek

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That “drama” going on w/his sibs is just mock-fighting. Notice that it’s not really fighting. No claws are drawn, no hackles raised. I have 2 5yr old males and have had them since they were young kittens, and they do this ALL THE TIME! In fact, when I had them neutered (as kittens) I scheduled them on the same day. I wanted them both to be “down” at the same time, not the healthy one picking on the recovering one!
Here is the way Bailey and Bing go about it. One starts grooming the other; usually my ginger tabby, Bailey. They “love” on each other for a bit, then they start nipping and biting (not too hard). Then one or the other will go too far and… it’s ON! They start chasing each other. Again, no claws, hissing, mild growling. That is mock-fighting. My male kitties love it. My tortie female doesn’t.
That is what is going on here.