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Cat suddenly bolts whenever he hears his automatic feeder [Video]



  • Beano’s humans may have pulled a Pavlov on him.
  • Whenever his automatic feeder goes off, Beano would instantly bolt toward his food like clockwork.
  • This happens whenever he hears the sound, no matter what he’s doing.

Have you ever had to wait so long for a food break that you find yourself rushing toward a restaurant or the kitchen to grab whatever? Or have you ever realized just how hungry you are that you wolf down every bite when you finally get your hands on some food? If so, you can probably relate to Beano the cat, who is absolutely obsessed with his automatic feeder.

In a TikTok video shared by his owner, we can see Beano dropping everything behind as soon as he hears the automatic feeder. It seems like his owners accidentally Pavlov’d him!

Cat suddenly bolts whenever he hears his automatic feeder
Photo Credit: TikTok/couvieandkitty

It’s the same story for each of the seven clips. Beano is seen chilling or hanging out with his human until he hears the feeder and comes running, as if he had been starved this whole time.

Beano’s Olympic feats, fueled by his hunger, have impressed millions of people. The video has since earned over 10 million views.

In the first clip, Beano is comfy and snug on the sofa, sitting behind a pillow, as he paws at a fluffy toy. But as soon as he hears the sound of food, he gets a crazed look.

Photo Credit: TikTok/couvieandkitty

He leaps out of the sofa and scrambles toward the feeder. Looking at how fast he made it there, you would think there was a time limit.

In the second clip, Beano is simply standing in a room when the feeder sound sends him running and sliding on the hardwood floor.

In the third clip, Beano’s enjoying some belly rubs. But the relaxing atmosphere is not enough for him to stay. Food always comes first.

Photo Credit: TikTok/couvieandkitty

In the fourth clip, Beano is on the cat tree playing with his owner. But it seems like he already knows what time it is, judging by the way he’s looking away expectantly. Right on cue, he hears the feeder and he’s off to the races! The obstacles don’t even offer a challenge to him when it comes to getting to his food.

In the fifth clip, Beano is simply chilling on the bed when the feeder calls on him and gets him running. Inertia has nothing on this cat.

Photo Credit: TikTok/couvieandkitty

In the sixth clip, Beano’s owner tries to entertain him, but everyone knows the story by now. Food comes first.

In the seventh and final clip, Beano can be seen on the cat tree again. This time he’s watching the world below through the window. But as soon as he hears the sound of food, he flies off.

Beano, like most of us, absolutely loves food. Eating time is definitely his favorite part of the day!

You can see more of this food-obsessed cat on TikTok.

Source: Daily Paws