Cat Trapped On A 75-Foot Fir Tree Is So Happy To Be Rescued After 14 Days

  • After 2 weeks, a family realized that their cat that has been missing is on top of a huge fir tree.
  • They immediately called on a tree climber and cat rescuer Tom Otto to bring the cat down.
  • This is not the first time that Otto rescued the cat and so the cat was happy to see him and had no problem reuniting him with his family.

One day, Clyde the cat got spooked and climbed on top of a 75-foot fir tree.  His family was frantic as it had been two weeks already before they realized where he went.

They called on Tom Otto — a tree climber who works for Cat Canopy Rescue, a nonprofit that saves cats stuck in trees in western Washington State.

Tom immediately set out to rescue Clyde.  He could already hear the cat’s cries from atop the immense Douglas fir.  When he came face-to-face with Clyde, he talked to the frightened kitty. In the video, you’ll hear Tom telling Clyde that he was looking pretty thin and that the last time he rescued the kitty, it had a big belly. 

So, it was a reunion of sorts but not an ideal one. It is clear that the cat was relieved to see Otto.

Otto said, “He was really, really happy to see me.”

Cat Canopy Rescue posted the rescue on Facebook and wrote, “We are so grateful to have found him.”

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

Otto has two rescue cats and he knows how it feels when beloved pets are in trouble.  Clyde reuniting with his family was such an awesome sight to see.

For now, Clyde is spending time with his beloved family as he regains his strength.  We hope there would be no need for Otto to rescue him again.

Photo Credit: Cat Canopy Rescue

Thank you, Otto and Cat Canopy Rescue!

Source: The Dodo

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