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Cat Tries To “Rescue” Mom From Speaker [Video]



  • Hope the cat has always been in funny situations, like getting stuck in the blinds.
  • So when she heard her mom’s voice on the speaker, she set out to determine how her mom got there and how to get her out.
  • Mom, who was just near her, spent at least 15 to 20 minutes laughing at Hop’s attempts to find her.

As Becky Matheson was talking through a microphone, her voice was coming out of the speaker. Her cat Hope was nearby and started getting confused and intrigued with why her mom’s voice was coming from a speaker.

Trying to solve the mystery, Hope starts climbing the speaker as if trying to figure out how her mom got inside the speaker. She is also trying to get her mom out of the speaker!

All the while, Matheson was just near and laughing at the confused Hope.

This is not the first time that Hope has made her mom laugh for Hope has always been a goofy cat. She has gotten herself stuck in the blinds and she loves sitting on plants.

Photo Credit: Becky Matheson

Matheson said, “I thought it was funny as heck. I did it for like 15 to 20 minutes and she was still looking in the speaker.” 

Hope was so fixated on the voice coming from the speaker and did not even notice that her mom was sitting nearby the entire time. She was so bent on bringing her mom out! 

Matheson laughingly said, “She was confused, she was trying to get to me but I was sitting right next to her but she thought I was in the speaker.”

For Hope, Mom was in the speaker and she needed help getting out.  But her attention soon wavered and off she moved on to another adventure.

Photo Credit: Becky Matheson

“She is just hilarious, never a dull moment,” Matheson quipped.

Maybe Hope saw her mom and figured that her mom was safe.  Whatever Hope thinks, we thank her for trying to save her mom from the speaker.  Thanks for making mom laugh, Hope! 


Source: The Dodo