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Funny Video: Cat Wanders onto Yankee Stadium and Eludes Officials



  • A cat wandered into the Yankee Stadium on Monday night during a Major League Baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees.
  • The audience cheered as the cat tried to navigate the field and look for an exit.
  • Seven stadium officials tried to capture the cat but it continued to outwit them until an eighth official opened a side gate to let the cat into the stands.

Monday night’s Major League Baseball game had an unexpected visitor that brought entertainment to the players, audience, and announcers. A cat wandered into the Yankee Stadium during a game between the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees, outmaneuvering stadium officials until it was eventually let through a side gate.

The hometown Yankees lost to Orioles at 7-1 in that game, but the cat offered a few laughs to the home players.

The cat started out near the Orioles’ dugout before running towards the outfield as the game continued.

It approached an outfielder, swerved away, and ran forward only to meet the back wall beside the pitcher’s bullpen. It then examined the high plexiglass divider as it looked for an exit.

The commentators, who were enjoying the sight, jested, “Now, we usually don’t show when somebody gets loose on the field, but this time, we’re making an exception.”

The cat then jumped onto the wall and walked alongside it as it continued to look for a way out.

“Good hops,” one announcer remarked. Another replied, “They’re athletic, huh?” The announcers also expressed their sympathies as they noticed that the cat seemed frightened.

Photo Credit: Twitter/JomboyMedia

Four stadium officials tried to run after the cat to capture it. Despite being surrounded, the nimble cat sprinted away while the staff gave chase.

The cat jumped up to the wall again and repeatedly tried to jump over the fence, but to no avail. The announcers remarked that the staff should just open the nearby gate for the poor cat. Meanwhile, the crowd started cheering for the cat, chanting, “Let’s go, cat! Let’s go, cat!”

“What are they doing?” one announcer commented as the cat managed to escape through the staff’s legs.


The scene also entertained the Yankees players in the dugout. As the cat continued to elude seven stadium officials, the players laughed, smiled, and shook their heads in disbelief.

The poor cat huddled under the wall before sprinting through another official’s legs. It was then that an eighth crew member finally opened a side gate and let the cat into the stands.

Twitter users who saw the video joked that Yankee Stadium officials may need additional training on how to handle cats.

Source: MSN