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Cat’s “Good Morning” Dance Will Melt Your Heart



Quick Smiles:

  • Cat’s adorable dance goes viral on Instagram
  • Ivy the cat responds to owner’s voice with cute moves
  • Over 5.4 million views in just five days

A cat named Ivy has captured the hearts of millions with her unusual and adorable dance moves. The video, posted on Instagram by Lux & Ivy the Dancing Cats (@crampcats), has garnered a whopping 5.4 million views since it was shared just five days ago.

Stephanie Bezeau, the 36-year-old owner of the cat duo, explained that the viral video is a compilation of Ivy “dancing” in response to her nickname “little Ivy” at their condo in Ottawa, Ontario. In the clip, a voice is heard saying, “Good morning little Ivy,” and Ivy, a white and brown tabby domestic shorthair cat, stretches her paws upward and moves them around in the air while standing up in different parts of the home.


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Bezeau, a real estate agent, noted that Ivy’s dancing can be spontaneous, but she responds very well to her owner’s voice. “We definitely have a special bond,” she said. This isn’t surprising, as a study published in Animal Cognition in October 2022 found that cats can discriminate speech specifically addressed to them from speech addressed to adult humans when spoken by their owners.

Ivy and her brother Lux, both turning four this March, were adopted at the age of one. Bezeau began noticing Ivy’s dancing soon after. “Without any teaching, it seems like Ivy either dances naturally or learned from their previous family. My guess is her natural inclination,” she shared. Ivy’s dancing has become an all-day event, happening in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings whenever she feels like it.

Instagram users have been delighted by Ivy’s charming moves. User 030hannah030 called it “literally the most precious thing,” while nadiagstar said, “My heart cannot handle it.” Others, like alexandra.virvaroiu, asked Bezeau to “please tell her the whole world thinks she’s adorable.”


Ivy’s adorable dancing has brought joy to millions, proving that sometimes, the simplest things can brighten our days.