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Cat’s Hilarious Haircut Got Her Mom Dying With Laughter, And So Are The People On The Internet! [Video]



  • Peaches has been loved and spoiled by her previous owner…maybe a little bit too much.
  • She has become so big she can’t even reach to groom the fur in her behind that makes him really uncomfortable to even do exercises.
  • So when the vet suggested that she get a “sanitary cut,” her new mom said yes and it turned out her butt got exposed!

Peaches is a big cat with a big personality.

Peaches certainly has more than what meets the eye, but not so much recently. The adorable cat just had her haircut done and it was very revealing.

The elderly in-laws of Chrissy Higginson Barnabei initially own Peaches who they adopted from a shelter a few years ago. Apparently, they showered Peaches with love and spoiled her….a bit too much.

Peaches has become overweight.

In times when Peaches needs to groom herself, she can’t reach some of the important parts of her body anymore.

So when the circumstance came that she has to find a new home, Chrissy took her in and decided to help her slim her waist down.

Since then she’s been on diet food and a strict feeding schedule,” Chrissy told The Dodo. “[But] unfortunately, because of Peaches’ size, she has trouble cleaning herself.”

Peaches gets uncomfortable when she’s not clean, that is why she’s lazy with exercise because she can’t thoroughly clean herself due to her size—and that has to change!


In a recent checkup with a vet, the doctor suggested that the cat should get a “sanitary cut” and remove the fur in the unreachable parts in her behind. Chrissy quickly agreed to this never really giving it much of a thought on what would happen next.

As it turned out, Peaches’ behind is thick!

“I burst out laughing once I saw her big pink booty,” Chrissy said as she did not expect the outcome to be like that. “I was pretty shocked but couldn’t help but laugh.”

But Peaches is not at all embarrassed!

“She’s totally owning her new look. She is such a diva,” Barnabei said. “It has helped her tremendously. She no longer has issues or discomfort. I thought that she would be cold, but she’s totally fine.”

Chrissy posted photos of the cat’s hairdo on Instagram and it quickly went viral. And many people in the comment section were as amused as she was.

Peaches may have become famous because of her new hairstyle but most importantly, she can now focus on her exercises.

“Once she loses a few pounds, she’ll be able to reach, and then no more sanitary cuts for her,” Barnabei said. “Though it is pretty funny to see her pink butt flash by all the time.”

Source: The Dodo