Cat’s Mustache Makes Her Look Like Freddie Mercury [Video]

  • Mostaccioli the cat has a natural mustache that makes her a spitting image of Freddie Mercury, the Queen’s frontman.
  • The California cat is slowly becoming an Instagram star because of her adorable looks.
  • Mostaccioli was a stray and was rescued by her owner Natalie in 2020.

Mostaccioli the cat is getting attention for her furry resemblance to Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

The female cat has captured the hearts of thousands on Instagram because of the big black mark across her lip. It sure looks like she’s sporting a mustache.

Instagram users were quick to associate Mostaccioli’s mustache with Mercury.

Mostaccioli was a stray kitten when her owner Natalie found the black and white cat in August 2020. Natalie said Mostaccioli was fending for itself as a stray in California. She rescued the kitten and adopted her. Mostaccioli has grown into a healthy cat over the past year and a half.

Mostaccioli and her resemblance to Mercury started gaining attention thanks to the feline’s Instagram account(@izanami.and.mostaccioli), which she shares with her kitty sister Izanami.

On social media, Mostaccioli can be found posing for sweet photos that show off her mustache, sending fans well wishes, and playing with Izanami.

On Sunday, Mostaccioli shared a message to her fans in an Instagram post.

“My new year resolution is to eat more treats, sleep more hours, and get zoomies so bad that I can fly and run on walls at 3 am. What’s yours?” reads the post, which also features a portrait of Mostaccioli.

Mostaccioli is not the first pet to get attention for their mustache. In March 2021, Ms. Mustachia the rescue puppy found a home through the Arizona Humane Society, in part due to her impressive, natural barbell mustache.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Arizona Humane Society

Source: People

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