Cat’s Sad Lips Turned Into A Smile After Being Adopted

  • A Siamese cat had a condition that made her allergic to some food and the environment, making her lips swell, and making her look sad.
  • A woman who grew up with Siamese cats saw her photos, fell in love and adopted her.
  • Now that the cat has been treated for her condition, she no longer suffers from a sad face and life.

Growing up, Kate Perillo and her mom have always been around Siamese cats. The family’s last Siamese cat died in 2015 and in 2017, Perillo lost her mom.  It may have taken a few years after her mom’s death but she felt the need to have a companion and a friend and so she decided to adopt a Siamese cat.  In a way, having the specific cat breed would also help in keeping her mom alive, too.

Photo Credit: Kate Perillo

Enter Sad Mouth Sam who lives in a feral cat colony called Poet Square Cats in Tucson, Arizona.  Sam had crossed eyes and an inflamed mouth causing her to look sad. She had an eosinophilic granuloma complex, an allergy to some foods or the environment, making her lips swollen and upturned.

When Perillo saw Sam’s photos, it clinched the decision to adopt a cat and she immediately flew from her home in Massachusetts to see her. Perillo felt right about Sam.

Photo Credit: Kate Perillo

And it was perfect.  Perillo said, “With a steroid shot, an antibiotic and the move indoors, her mouth healed within a couple of months. She’s missing three of those little teeth in front, but that doesn’t bother her.”

And with the allergy no longer bothering her, Sam has transformed into a smiling, playful and upbeat cat, enjoying the sunlight through their enclosed balcony and bird watching.

Photo Credit: Kate Perillo

Perillo said, “She’s very smart and vocal, willing to hold back-and-forth conversations with humans and communicate what she wants.” She added, “If she wants you to wave the feather wand, she’ll meow, lead you to the wand, and then use both paws to grab and lift it by the handle, showing exactly what she wants you to do.”

Now, Perillo and Sam share a bond deeper than companionship.  They are bonded over love.

Source: The Dodo

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I know exactly how you felt about adopting that cutie. Years ago I saw a sign in a pet shop’s window: Siamese kittens”. I went over, picked up a little girl who had a kink at the tip of her tail and decided I had to have her. She was a real sweetie and did “talk” to me a lot.