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Cheerleader Who Lost Her Legs Receives The Most Epic Welcome Parade [Video]



  • Sarah got hit by a drunk driver back in July and her legs had to be amputated.  
  • Although it was totally devastating, she maintained her positive attitude in life. 
  • Her source of strength is the unending love of her friends, her family, and her community.

Sarah Frei is a 17-year-old dauntless girl. You won’t ever hear her complain. Her positive outlook in life is always amazing, even after everything that she had been through.

Three months ago, her life was changed forever when she was hit by a drunk driver. She was on her way home from Bear Lake in Utah when she ran into an accident that got her lower body, from the waist down, paralyzed. Her legs had to be amputated and she had to undergo 20 surgeries, spending months in the hospital. 

It must’ve been devastating for her to lose her legs because she was a cheerleading squad member in Clearfield High School. Yet, she maintained her positive attitude that stunned not only her family members but also her doctors. 

Now that she is adjusting to her new life in a wheelchair, she focuses her energy in her therapy sessions, and never forgets to smile amidst all the challenges. 

Photo Credit: (Instagram)

“We really are just in awe of her,” her mother, Amy, told GMA. “The first time she was able to sit up and she could actually see and feel her legs, there were no tears. The first thing she said was, ‘They did a good job.’”

Well, her formidable strength is apparently the result of her family and friend’s unending love and support for her! 

Photo Credit: (Instagram)

In September, her friends at school setup a virtual homecoming in the hospital so she wouldn’t miss the event. In October, she was released to go home and her whole community put up the most epic welcome-back-home celebration! 

As soon as she arrived, dozens of her relatives, friends, and classmates were on the side of the road cheering her on, welcoming her back! 


It was a massive parade of happy faces complete with the cheerleading squad from the University of Utah, plus police escorts! 

Only then was the brave girl unable to contain her tears. She broke down and cried, but it was tears of joy seeing how much love she’s getting from people around her. 

Photo Credit: (Instagram)

“Everyone who has helped us has been so supportive, which shows that we just have all this love that we shouldn’t take for granted and that people are always there for us, there for me,” she said. “I think it’s good for other people to know that they’re not alone, and that’s something that I’ve learned.”

The best part of it all — she got to perform with her squad in the last home football game! 

Clearly, a bottomless well of love and support can raise brave warriors!

Source: Inspire More