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Chihuahua Overcomes “Lockdown Anxiety” By Joining Dog Pageants



  • A glamorous Chihuahua named Lindy has been competing and winning in pageants wearing her mom’s creations.
  • Her mom, Many Corbett, designs and sews her glamorous outfits made from materials she buys from craft shops and donations to keep costs down.
  • So far, Lindy has a wardrobe worth over $23,000.

Lindy the glam Chihuahua came to live with her mom, Mandy Corbett, when she was just 16 weeks old. Corbett just lost her other Chihuahua, Mindy, and Lindy provided the comfort that Corbett was experiencing.

When the COVID-19 lockdowns happened, Lindy developed anxiety from not being with humans and dogs. To help Lindy get over the anxiety, Corbett brought her to dog shows and training classes.

People suggested entering Lindy to join dog pageants and started the winning streak.

Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Corbett said, “She walks confidently, and for me, that’s what I enjoy, I love that more than anything. It’s a complete turnaround from 2020 when she was anxious around other dogs and humans.”

Corbett designs and sews all the crafty elaborate gowns that Lindy has been wearing and already has a glamorous wardrobe worth over $23,000!

While others commission their pooch’s dresses to the tune of $230, Lindy’s costs less than $25 each because it’s her mom who makes them.

Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media

According to Corbett, the pageants have made her craft a variety of costumes for Mindy.

Corbett said, “I keep all her outfits and accessories. I have to store some in vacuum bags under my bed because they’re just too big. I made at least 40 outfits for her last year.”

She keeps the cost in check by buying the embellishments and materials from craft shops and from donations from generous pals.

Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media

When not competing, Lindy lives with her siblings Coco and Indy in Stockton-on-Tees, England. She also has a daily regimen protecting and maintaining her coat, claws, and teeth.

Way to go, Lindy!


Source: People