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Chirp Surprise! Lady’s Living Room Turns Into a Wild Bird Bonanza!



Quick Smiles:

  • Peta Jane Storm, a resident of the picturesque Underberg, South Africa, had an unexpected visit from a flock of barn swallows.
  • The tiny migratory birds, fresh from their European summer, chose Storm’s home as their cozy sleepover spot.
  • Storm, utterly fascinated by the unusual occurrence, has kept her doors open for the birds, welcoming their return each evening.

In the breathtakingly beautiful Underberg, South Africa, where nature’s grandeur is just a step away, Peta Jane Storm had a close encounter of the feathered kind. Imagine chilling at home, enjoying the cool evening breeze, and suddenly your living room turns into a bird sanctuary!

One fine evening, Storm spotted a flurry of activity near their backyard pond. The culprits? A flock of barn swallows, petite migratory birds, who had just wrapped up their European summer tour and were back in town.

“They were flying around in the late afternoon,” Storm shared with The Dodo. “They were eating and drinking [from our pond].”

But these tiny tourists weren’t done with their sightseeing. As the sun began to tuck itself in for the night, the birds decided to bunk in at Storm’s place. “They flew into the house and around our heads, right into the lounge,” she said. The birds, in pairs, made themselves comfortable on the curtain rail, completely unfazed by the human inhabitants.

Storm, on the other hand, was utterly fascinated and pleasantly surprised by her unexpected guests.

She exclaimed, “[I’ve] lived here my whole life, and in 54 years never seen this before.”

Keeping the spirit of hospitality alive, Storm left her door open all night. Waking up the next morning, she found the birds still there, slowly fluttering their way back outside with the sunrise. And guess what? They loved their stay so much, they came back the next evening!


Since then, the flock has continued to hang around Storm’s property, although they seem to have found alternate outdoor sleeping arrangements. But Storm’s door remains open, just in case these little winged wanderers decide to crash at her place again.

“We love it all. It’s just wonderful,” she said, “What a privilege.”