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Chocolate-Loving Squirrel Reigns as Neighborhood Litter Bandit



Quick Smiles:

  • Ellesmere Port neighborhood in England had a mystery on their hands: who was leaving half-eaten chocolates everywhere?
  • The culprit turned out to be a group of squirrels with a sweet tooth, nicking chocolates from a nearby dumpster.
  • The neighborhood had a good laugh about the whole situation, dubbing it ‘Wafergate’.

Imagine living in a quaint English neighborhood, where the biggest scandal is a mysterious litterbug leaving half-eaten chocolates all over the place. That’s exactly what happened in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. The residents were left scratching their heads, wondering who was behind the candy wrapper chaos.

The saga, cheekily named ‘Wafergate’, was the talk of the town. Theories and suspicions were flying around faster than the latest celebrity gossip. It all started when Fiona Downes, a local resident, noticed an abundance of Blue Riband wrappers strewn about. She took to the neighborhood’s WhatsApp group, asking the anonymous chocoholic to clean up after themselves.

But the candy culprit remained silent, and the wrappers kept appearing. The mystery deepened, and the residents grew more desperate to unmask the chocolate bandit. Some thought it was a careless neighbor, while others blamed the garbage collectors.

The plot thickened when a local spotted a stash of Blue Ribands in a dumpster at a nearby RV storage facility. But the real breakthrough came when Natalie Clarke, another resident, caught the culprits red-handed. Or should we say, chocolate-mouthed?

Natalie snapped a few photos of squirrels scurrying up a tree, each with a chocolate bar in its mouth. The mystery was finally solved! The squirrels had been the ones raiding the dumpster and littering the neighborhood with wrappers.

Natalie recalled, “We all got a bit obsessed and were trying to hunt people down. We were trying to work out who buys wafers from Aldi before we realized that squirrels were doing it.”

The revelation was met with laughter and relief. The residents couldn’t help but find humor in the situation.


Fiona said, “I’d like to know how a squirrel opens a chocolate bar. They probably won’t be able to walk now due to putting on so much weight.”

The whole ‘Wafergate’ saga has brought the neighborhood closer together, and given them a good laugh. Despite the mess, Fiona admits, “It’s been hilarious working it out.”

So, next time you see a squirrel, remember, they might just have a sweeter tooth than you thought!