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Chonky kitty on a diet likes to hang out in front of the automatic feeder in case she gets lucky



Luna was only 5 weeks old when she was found alone in a cornfield. Three days later, she found her new family.

The Tanner family already had a cat named Shayla. Tarin, Luna’s mom, thought Luna would learn and take cues from Shayla because they’d always just leave her food out and let her eat whenever she was hungry. The family thought it would also work for Luna.

But they’re wrong. Luna loves food so much. 

Photo Credit: Tarin Tanner

“When we first got Luna we open-fed her,”, Tarin told The Dodo. “That was a bad idea because she gained weight so fast and at one point the vet handed me a pamphlet on cat obesity. That’s when I knew she had to go on a stricter diet.”

First, they stopped leaving food for her because she would eat too fast every time. Then, she would cry for food for the rest of the day. Tarin knew they had to do something about her obsession with food.

Photo Credit: Tarin Tanner

The family bought Luna an automatic feeder that dispensed smaller amounts of food five times a day. That way, her food will be rationed out. Luna loved it. 

“She knew it was food-related when she first saw it because the back of the feeder has a big tank,” Tanner said. “She spent most of her time that night trying to break into it with no luck. When it dispensed for the first time she ran away but then ran back when she realized it gifts food. She has been in love with it since then.” 

The automatic feeder dispenses food at the same time every day — and food-loving Luna had memorized the schedule. She would start waiting in front of the feeder long before each scheduled time. 

Photo Credit: Tarin Tanner

Luna likes to hang out in front of the feeder, maybe hoping it dispenses food ahead of schedule.

“If she isn’t busy napping she likes to spend her time hanging by the feeder, being a kitty land mine,” Tanner said. “Sometimes she lays on her back, other times she just stares at it almost willing the food to come.” 

Photo Credit: Tarin Tanner

Luna’s family thinks the automatic feeder has helped her stick to her diet. But Tanner knew if Luna had it her way, she would absolutely spend her whole day eating.

“I don’t think she loves anything more than food,” her mom said. 

Source: The Dodo