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Christmas-loving worker transforms cubicle into Gingerbread House



  • Monika Orrey has always loved Christmas and decorating for it.
  • So when her office announced a workspace decorating competition, she went all out and built a gingerbread house!
  • Using cardboard, brown craft paper, tape, and several Christmas decorations, her cubicle transformed into a festive gingerbread wonderland.

The holidays are a time of cheer. Christmas celebrations, in particular, tend to start earlier — some people even start decorating for Christmas at the start of September! One Christmas-loving woman decided to turn her office cubicle into a gingerbread house.

Monika Orrey was new at her job. She has been working there for only two months when a workspace decorating competition was announced. So she went all out!

Upon hearing about the contest, the financial services manager quickly stocked up on cardboard. She already had several decorations at home, so the biggest cost she had was for tape.

“I wanted to do something big and incorporate my well-known sweet tooth,” she said, “And what better than a giant gingerbread house?”

Monika added, “I am a bit competitive and I love Christmas so it was really right up my alley. I consider myself very festive, or as my daughter would say, I am ‘extra’! I do indeed have far too many decorations at home according to my family but I know they love it.”

So she went to the office on a Sunday to build her masterpiece: a festive gingerbread wonderland.

Photo Credit: SWNS

She covered the cardboard pieces with brown craft paper and pieced them all together with tape. She spent eight hours to finish!

Monika admitted that she was initially worried about what her new colleagues would think about her and her “extra” efforts. But then she remembered and decided, “I am happiest when I am authentically me so I pushed right past any concerns and got to planning.”

For the extra-large lollipop decorations, she bought bowls from the dollar store and painted pinwheels on them. She then attached them to a white cardboard tube for the stick and covered them in cellophane for the wrapping.

Photo Credit: SWNS

She also printed out several candy stickers and images to finish up.

Monika’s colleagues were “speechless” when they arrived on Monday morning. “It definitely broke the ice!”


Monika won the contest, but the best part about it is bringing happiness to several people.

She shared, “Many colleagues brought their kids in to see my gingerbread house and it brought smiles to many—mission accomplished!

Source: Good News Network