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Church Performs Unique “Don’t Worry Be Happy” Cover Using Common Household Items [Video]



  • The Victory Family Church in Norman, Oklahoma used a Zoom call to perform their version of “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, using only kitchen utensils.
  • The church’s audio director said that you don’t need to belong to a church or be a cook to appreciate the wonderful artistry they made.
  • The YouTube video starts with a conversation between two church members and the opening and closing of kitchen appliances before using other kitchen items to complete the sound.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has stopped typical services at Victory Family Church in Norman, Oklahoma, but it hasn’t stopped the congregation from bonding again through song — with social distancing protocol in place.

There will always be music in a church community. It’s a form of praise, expression, and communication. The Victory Family Church is no different. In fact, members even get creative sometimes by turning common household objects into makeshift musical instruments.

Watch their amazing virtual jam session below, performed in the comfort of their homes.

One of the pastors thought of the fun idea — cover a happy song during the pandemic and perform it using a Zoom call. Their instruments — kitchen utensils and appliances!

“Many people have been cooking at home a lot more recently,” said Colten Dean, the church’s audio director. “Someone tossed out the song ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy,’ and it immediately just made sense. I think we really just wanted to do something positive and uplifting for everyone.”

Photo Credit: Victory Family Church

The video uploaded to YouTube starts with a conversation between two members. The background music starts with the beat of the closing and opening of microwave and refrigerator doors.

Other members join in. You can hear a stunning melody of saltshakers shaking, mugs and spoons clinking, blenders whirring, and microwave buttons beeping!

Photo Credit: Victory Family Church

The collaboration is both impressive and catchy! Watch it and you’ll find yourself bopping your heads along to the beat and shaking your shoulders.

And most of all, without seeing each other face to face, the church members were able to transform the unique cover into a beautiful celebration of togetherness.

Photo Credit: Victory Family Church

“Once the idea started coming together, we quickly realized that it was just a great representation of all the different people in our community, and how we’re all in this together,” Colten said.

What a wonderful way to keep their members entertained and united in quarantine! Thank you guys for the gift for music and for spreading joy to others, especially these difficult times.


Source: Inspire More