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Cincinnati Zoo’s Fiona Proves She’s Not Just a Famous Hippo, But Also a Loving Big Sister!



Quick Smiles:

  • Fiona the hippo becomes a delightful big sister to baby brother Fritz, teaching him the fun ways of hippo play.
  • The Cincinnati Zoo shines a light on Fiona’s gentle side as she warmly interacts with her younger sibling.
  • In a heartwarming video, Fiona appears to give Fritz a little kiss before they joyfully dive into a game of chase in the water.

It’s often said not to judge a book by its cover, and this holds true for hippos as well.

Despite their massive size and somewhat daunting reputation in the wild, there’s a heartwarming tale coming straight from the Cincinnati Zoo that will change many perceptions.


Fiona is such a good big sister to little brother Fritz! #cincinnatizoo #animalsoftiktok #hippo ♬ original sound – Cincinnati Zoo

Remember Fiona? Born in 2017, this adorable hippo made headlines and quickly became the zoo’s star attraction.

Now, at six years old, she’s no longer the baby of the family. With her weight tipping to almost 2 tons, she’s practically a young adult in the hippo world.

But that doesn’t mean her playful and tender spirit has dimmed. Quite the contrary!


Recently, the Cincinnati Zoo introduced a new bundle of joy, baby hippo Fritz. And guess who’s been the best big sister ever since? Fiona!

Despite her size, she engages with Fritz in the most delightful manner, reminding us of the playful nature of these majestic creatures.

The two are often seen play fighting, cheekily chasing each other, and even playing hide-and-seek.

A video that recently surfaced even showcased Fiona giving Fritz what looked like a little hippo peck before both dived into a fun aquatic chase.

Fiona isn’t the only famous resident of the Cincinnati Zoo.

Over the years, the zoo has introduced us to numerous charismatic animals, like Duke the lion and John the lion, who often pop up on our social media feeds.


And who can forget Harambe, the gorilla whose story touched hearts worldwide in 2016?

Visiting the Cincinnati Zoo is not just about seeing animals; it’s about witnessing heartwarming interactions, understanding the dynamics of animal families, and leaving with a greater appreciation for wildlife.

If you haven’t been there yet, it’s a journey worth taking.

After all, with stars like Fiona around, there’s never a dull moment!