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Clever Dog Drops Frisbee In Front Of Lawn Mower So Owner Has To Throw It [Video]



  • A video of a dog dropping a frisbee along the path of a lawnmower to convince his human to play with him is taking TikTok by storm.
  • In The clip, Zeus drops a frisbee on the lawn mower’s path so that his mom’s boyfriend has no choice but to go around the disc, pick it up and toss it.
  • Success for the pup who would not stop until his human plays.  

Playtime is playtime. No matter what you are doing, when your dog is asking you to play, surrender and have fun.

Such is the power of persuasion of one 7-year-old Labrador retriever and Rottweiler mix named Zeus that the human who was mowing the lawn, just had to surrender and say yes to a game of fetch.

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In a video posted by Zeus’s owner Moe Kucer (moeky1985) captioned “He knows if he drops his frisbee in front of grass machine he has to throw it,” Zeus is shown dropping a frisbee in the lawnmower’s way. 

At first, Kucer’s boyfriend just lets the machine go around the toy but the second time around, he picks it up and throws the disc a short distance away.

1 point for Zeus!

The adorable ploy to get his human to play has already gained 1.3 million views. 

In a follow-up video, Kucer shared that the reason why his human cannot say no to Zeus is that he only has a short life left. He has bone cancer that the vet estimates would give Zeus an approximate six months to live.

And to prevent him from getting injured, they just toss the frisbee close.


Kucer said, “I really just wanted to share Zeus just because I love him very much and he doesn’t have much time left.”

We hope you live the rest of your days playing and having fun, Zeus. 

Source: Daily Paws