Watch cockatoo tells dad about his day and chats up the family dog [Video]

Buster the cockatoo can do anything. He can sing, play fetch like his dog siblings, and talk non-stop, especially if he has a story to tell his dad.

Yup! Dad is Buster’s favorite human. Ironically, Dad didn’t want him at first because they already have dogs. He didn’t want another pet in the family — until their bond blossomed.

When Dad comes home from work, Buster will surely chat him up. He wants to tell Dad about his day.

But most of the time, this chatty cockatoo would just rant about something he saw or experienced. Of course, Dad should hear it, who else? His rants were incomprehensible sometimes but he’s still so adorable.


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Buster loves his Dad so much that he misses him when he goes to work. He patiently waits by the door so he’ll be the first to greet Dad when he arrives. When he’s asked where’s Dad, this sweet bird will say “At work.” 

And because Buster’s siblings were all dogs, this cockatoo also learned how to play fetch. He’s been described as part dog because of that. And he loves the dogs, too. He serves as their therapist, especially when they need some advice on how to get a girl and dating. Of course, he loves chatting up with them, too.

Buster developed very strong bonds with his family. I’m sure Dad would love to go home after a tiring day at work and listen to Buster’s stories.

Source: TikTok @busterrthecockatoo.

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