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Compassionate Vet Tech Comforts Dying Dog with her Presence



  • Rizz, a pit bull mix, sadly had late-stage bone cancer when she arrived at the New York Clinton Pet Vet.
  • She had to undergo an amputation and chemotherapy, but thanks to a compassionate vet tech, she also received medicine in the form of love.
  • The kind vet tech made sure to comfort the sick pup and snuggle with her during her break, especially when Rizz received her treatments.

New York Clinton Pet Vet receptionist Cindy Siddon also runs a dog adoption program, so she knows all too well the joys and pains of loving a struggling pet.

So when a new addition, a pit bull mix named Rizz, joined the pack, she was heartbroken to find out that the pup had bone cancer.

Photo Credit: Facebook

The cancer had already spread, and the poor Rizz had to undergo an amputation and chemotherapy.

Clinton Pet Vet, which offers both traditional and holistic medicine, made sure to provide Rizz some unique care.

Cindy explained, “She has now developed a kind of uncommon side effect of the cancer, so we are treating her every week with some experimental holistic treatments and pain meds.”

Rizz received more than that when a licensed vet tech named Taylor Calhoun grew fond of her while she was being treated.

Photo Credit: Facebook

One day, Cindy found Taylor snuggled up with Rizz in the break room.

It turns out that Taylor made sure to comfort the sick pup and snuggle with her during her break, especially every Thursday when Rizz received a transfusion.

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Taylor’s compassion deeply touched Cindy.

“You can’t teach this in college and you either have [this compassion] or you don’t, and this girl gets it. It is just heartwarming,” Cindy said.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Rizz eventually couldn’t fight the cancer. When Cindy was forced to make the difficult decision to free Rizz from her pain, Taylor made sure to stay by their side.

Thanks to Taylor and Cindy, the sweet pup’s last days were filled with kindness, compassion, and love, which is what all animals deserve.

Source: Inspire More