Concerned Dog Tries To Catch Falling Cat In Video Game [Video]

  • True to her instincts, Kola would try and rescue humans and life-like virtual friends out of danger.
  • Kola is always on alert to rescue the cat in the video game Stray.
  • Kola even went closer to the television and was on high alert if anything like that happen again.

Kola is a black Labrador retriever whose instinct is to rescue those who are in danger, both in real life and on screen.

Kola’s mom, Jen Tenczar (jenntennn) discovered this one day when Kola was watching a video game called Stray on their wide-screen television at home.  Stray is about the adventures of a ginger cat and Kola becomes hooked on the cat’s jumps over different structures.

@jenntennn I think she’s fully invested now… #straygame #stray #catdog #ps4 ♬ original sound – Jenn Tenczar

In this episode, after running and jumping on pipes, the cat missed a landing.  It manages to hang on for a while but couldn’t hold on any longer and falls on a cliff below. Kola immediately lunges towards the television to rescue her friend!

Fortunately, Tenczar captured the whole “rescue” on video and posted it on TikTok, gaining 4.3 million views!

@jenntennn Replying to @hadtodoittoem2 More cute reactions. 🐱🐶 #straygame #catdog #stray ♬ original sound – Jenn Tenczar

But as video games go, the cat resurfaces and continues on with her adventures.  And so does Kola’s concern for her cat friend. In a second video, Kola is now much closer to the television and on high alert and ready anytime to save her friend.

Kola’s life-saving instincts were put to test, this time for real when her mom dove into a lake and disappeared into the water.  Kola barked out loud and jumped onto an inner tube to float towards her human and get her out of the water.

What a lifesaver!

Source: Daily Paws

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