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Corgi Mom With A Big Heart Cares For Rescued Pit Bull Puppies As If They Were Her Own



  • Sara was pregnant when she was rescued from a puppy farm that branded her a “bad mom.”
  • But the rescuers proved that was wrong when Sara gave birth to her puppies and cared for them lovingly.
  • When No Dog Left Behind Minnesota rescued four abandoned puppies, Sara took the role of being their mother and accepted them as part of her big family.

No Dog Left Behind, an animal rescue center in Minnesota, rescued a pregnant dog named Sara after she was abandoned by a puppy farm saying she was a “bad mom.” But after Sara gave birth to her litter of puppies, the rescuers realized she was actually a loving and caring mother.

“She has been an amazing mom from the start,” volunteer Stephanie Easley told The Dodo. “She is always loving and checking on her puppies. She allows and even places her puppies into her foster family’s hands and checks them over when they are placed back in the pool.” 

Photo Credit: Stephanie Easley

Recently, when a litter of puppies was found abandoned, the rescuers took them in to try to give them the best care they deserve. They tried to bottle-feed them but they were so fragile and the rescuers were worried—that’s when they thought Sara might be able to help.

“The director of the rescue had the experience and knowledge to try blending the two litters together,” Stephanie said. “Due to Sara’s motherly instinct the director felt she would be an amazing option.” 

So they mixed the 4 tiny puppies with Sara’s litters hoping she would also care for them. They were unsure how Sara would react but as soon as she met the newcomers, they were at ease that everything would be fine.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Easley

“She has taken over all mom responsibilities,” Stephanie said.

Sara cared for the puppies like they were her own. And her original puppies also accepted their new siblings. And they have become a family altogether.

“Both litters of pups act as one … which is really strange due to the age and developmental difference,” Stephanie said. “The corgi puppies are even behaving more gentle to their orphaned sibling pups. They sleep together in one giant pile.” 

Sadly, one of the four pups was too weak and didn’t make it. But thanks to Sara, all the other three were doing just fine with her care. The rescuers are yet unsure what their breed is but their guess is that they are pit bulls. 

Photo Credit: Stephanie Easley

“They are consistently gaining weight and moving around,” Stephanie said. “They are becoming puppy-like every day!”

With Sara’s big heart, she now has a big family—and soon, they will grow to find their own forever homes.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Easley

“No Dog Left Behind Minnesota wants to share how very thankful we are for the fosters of both litters,” Stephanie said. “They completely uprooted their lives to care for all the dogs involved and have been working together to continue caring!”

Source: The Dodo