Sweet Corgi Has No Idea That His Favorite Cuddling Position Is Suffocating… Literally [Video]

corgi cuddling suffocating

  • Graffiti the corgi loves cuddling, but he doesn’t know that his favorite snuggling position can hurt.
  • He likes climbing onto a person’s shoulders, then wraps himself around their face and mouth.
  • The snuggling position makes it hard for the person to breathe, which is why they call it the “suffo-snuggle.”

Graffiti is one cuddly pup. He loves cuddling with his favorite humans, but he has no idea that his favorite snuggling position poses some issues.

Photo Credit: Instagram/bradythecorgi

His family shared that Graffiti shows his love for someone by giving them the “suffo-snuggle.”

Graffiti would climb on top of his favorite human, then wrap his fluffy body around their face. This completely covers the person’s mouth, which can be a tad suffocating.

Graffiti has no idea what the issue is, so it would take a few moments before he could be convinced to get down and snuggle normally.

“He has been suffo-snuggling ever since we can remember,” his mom said. “But it has increased in duration and frequency over the last few years. He will stay there as long as you let him, and you usually have to lift him up and set him down next to you to get him off.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/bradythecorgi

Graffiti just loves expressing his love for his favorite humans, and he shows this by being as close to them as possible, even if it’s right in their face.

His mom said that he likes doing it to his dad every morning and before bedtime. He would also do it whenever he feels extra cuddly or wants more attention.

Photo Credit: Instagram/bradythecorgi

Graffiti’s suffo-snuggles may be too much, but his family won’t have him any other way.

Check out more adventures of Graffiti and his corgi brother Brady on Instagram.

Source: The Dodo

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