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Couple Adopts 5 Siblings Separated In Foster Care



  • Andi and Thomas Bonura adopted 5 siblings who were separated in foster care.
  • Andi and Thomas wanted more children so they decided to submit applications to become foster parents.
  • The couple is parents to three other children, which puts seven children under their care after the adoption papers were completed.

Andi and Thomas Bonura completed their family of 10. The couple is parents to three biological children, but decided on the adoption of five other children, over an online conference with the institution responsible. Their family is complete, with Joey, 11, Sadie, 10 and Daphne, 8, and the new additions: Thomas, 8, Carter, 8, David, 6, Gabrielle, 4, and Bryson, 2.

“These are their brothers and sisters and there’s no argument,” Andi Bonura said. “The kids have been through a lot but they’re the sweetest. They’re amazing — and resilient.”

Andi and Thomas had trouble getting pregnant before their fertility treatments. The couple bore children, but there were complications. Joey is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, is visually impaired, but could communicate through sign language.

“He’s very smart…whenever people start to pity him, I tell them, ‘Don’t.’ He’s the happiest kid in this house,” Andi said.

Sadie and Daphne were also born prematurely. For this reason and because premature babies are predisposed to chronic health issues the couple decided on adoption. In 2017, the couple applied to become foster parents.

Now permitted to foster children, the couple opened their home to children in need. This is how their first encounter with one of their adoptive children. Bryson arrived straight from the hospital, into their home.

David and Gabrielle followed Bryson. Then came Thomas and Carter who first started visiting their siblings. “They were sweet and would say, ‘Can we come live with you?’” Andi said, referring to Thomas and Carter.

“One day we got a call saying, ‘[The parents] are terminating rights. Do you want them?’” Andi added. “We said yes.”

DePelchin Children’s Center facilitated the adoption procedures. This time, the institution made sure that the children are put in one home. When the paperwork is completed, the neighbors made sure to prepare for a proper welcome for the children.

As for the couple, the children made their home complete. “God’s hand was in it,” Andi added. “Our family is complete.”

Source: Good Morning America