Couple Adopts Dog From Shelter Because Of His Familiar Smile… And They Found Out Why

  • A post of Trenton Animals Rock shelter captured the interest of Alyssa Deluca as the dog in the photo looked like her boyfriend’s dog, Arthur.
  • Deluca and her boyfriend went to the shelter and when they saw the very dog Wes, they brought him home.
  • The dogs formed an immediate bond and when they tested both dogs’ DNA, they found out they were brothers.

When Alyssa DeLuca and Zachary Chin saw a post on Trenton Animals Rock, they had no idea of the shock they were going to have and the effect it would have on their dog and their lives.  

It was the dog’s smile that immediately caught Deluca’s attention.  It was a familiar smile and face that she sees every time she looks at her boyfriend Zack’s dog, Arthur. She showed Zack the photo and the description that the Shar-Pei mix/chow chow was terrified and would keep to himself shivering in a corner at the shelter.  And they decided to save the eerily familiar dog.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Deluca

They wasted no time in contacting the shelter, submitting a foster form and eventually adopting the dog named Wes. The shelter also swiftly replied to them and even asked how soon they would meet Wes at the shelter.

Deluca said, “They described him as a super sweet dog, but terrified in the shelter and needed to get out of there ASAP.” And when they met Wes three hours later, they even heard a shelter team member try to calm him down.  And with that first meeting, they brought Wes home.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Deluca

The initial nervousness faded away once Wes felt safe with his new family. And he found a best friend in Arthur.  Their closeness feels like they were meant to be together. They may be different but they complimented each other.

Deluca explained, “We would always say that they were the ‘same dog in a different font’ because of how similar they looked, and even though they had a lot of differences, their mannerisms were also very similar.”

Photo Credit: Alyssa Deluca

To find out what kind of dog Wes was, his parents got an Embark DNA test kit and for health reasons, one for Arthur, too.

And they got the shock of their lives! Wes and Arthur and brothers!  That is why they looked so alike!

Photo Credit: Alyssa Deluca

Deluca said, “It feels great knowing that not only did we rescue Wes and give him the life that he’s always deserved, but that he was also united with his brother, who he’s become so close with and gets to live a peaceful life with his best friend/brother by his side.”

What a reunion!  Have a long and happy life ahead, Wes and Arthur! 

Source: The Dodo

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