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Couple Helps Build Wild Birds’ Nest And The Coots Welcome It [Video]



  • Ian Bailey and his wife, Jan, went to visit a park for a walk just recently when they found a couple of coots building nest in the pond. 
  • But they saw how the process was laborious for the birds so they decided to lend a hand.
  • They started to help gather twigs and sticks and gave them to the birds to build the nest that they soon laid their young ones.

Just recently, Ian Bailey and his wife, Jan, were having a walk in the park just near where they live in England, when they noticed another couple who were both busy completing a project.

It was a pair of coots, a local species of birds, and they were building a nest in the pond. But that task was not easy, especially the part of looking for materials to construct the nest. While one stays to guard the nest, the other goes out in search—and it proved to be difficult labor. 

“As the banks are quite steep, the coot was having to swim a long way to fetch twigs,” Ian told The Dodo.

Ian and Jan wanted to help and thought it would be nice to make it easier for the couple of birds, so they gathered twigs and sticks and put them near the nest. Soon enough the bird collecting the materials realized what exactly they were trying to do.

Photo Credit: Ian Bailey

So then the bird made his way to Ian and happily took the twigs with his beak directly from their hands. 

“He gladly took them,” Ian said. “We were surprised and thrilled. They seemed to understand what we were doing.”

Photo Credit: Ian Bailey

With Ian and Jan’s help, the construction of the nest went faster than it should have been because of their help. 

Later on, when the human couple visited the park again, they learned that their feathered friends already have young ones living in the nest they helped to create. 

“I’m sure they would have done it without us, but it was very satisfying,” Ian said.

Source: The Dodo