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Loving Couple With Special Needs Fights for Parents’ Approval To Be Together Forever! [Video]



  • Cody and Lisa both have special needs but they fell in love instantly the first time they met. 
  • Even though their parents tried to hinder them, their love only grew stronger. 
  • Finally, their parents let them be and supported their love all the way!

The first time Cody and Lisa met, they instantly fell in love. Even their caregivers agreed that it was a rare thing to see two people quickly develop that strong connection like theirs. 

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Cody, 30, has Down syndrome while Lisa, 24, has a cognitive delay. But despite that, love found them and made a way for them to be together. 

They started their sweet romance so quickly at their housing community in Lakeland, Florida — where people with special needs are being taken care of.

They found out that they have a lot of common interests: Disney, Josh Groban, singing, and dancing. For more than two years, their love grew stronger and stronger. Soon enough, they began talking about getting married.

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Everything about them and their love has been perfect except for one thing: their parents’ opinion. They were mostly worried about their future, especially since getting married will result in about a $400 per month decrease in their social security benefits. They feared that the pair would have very little to start a family on their own. 

“This caused incredible frustration for each of them,” Cody’s mom, Kim Hytinen-Durst, and his dad, Dave Durst, explained. “They were hurt, angry, and disappointed that they may never see their dreams come true. They started to display behavior issues. Most people with cognitive impairments struggle to communicate effectively, which causes the frustration to come out as behavior struggles.”

Lisa and Cody started behaving unlikely and this caused their parents to become even more worried — so they decided to separate the lovers. 


Cody was transferred to Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

“We all thought it would be best that they stay apart and move on with their lives,” they said.

But the lovebirds found ways to connect. They were persistent and refused to be parted. They even hacked passwords and communicated through their mutual friends!

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

For more than two years, they begged their parents to let them be together — until finally, their parents gave up fighting the love that’s meant to happen. 

So they set up for them to reunite and the captured video of the moment was so heartwarming!

But that’s not all — Cody proposed to Lisa during a family dinner!

Photo Credit: Facebook

Of course, Lisa said yes!

Their parents are now fully supportive of them and their future. They will work hard to provide them stable lives and a secure home where they can be together forever. They also set up a GoFundMe page to help the couple get through their expenses.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Lisa and Cody now live in a condo in Michigan and they plan to have their wedding by next year!


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