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COVID Romance: Couple In Same Building Found Love During Lockdown



  • For apartment building dwellers Alex Morton and Stacie Pawlicki, not even COVID-19 lockdown can stop love from happening.
  • They agreed to start a puzzle at the start of the lockdown, ended up talking for hours and becoming a couple.
  • The couple look forward to exploring Chicago, watching movies and concerts and travelling now that the vaccines are here.

Who would have thought that despite COVID-19 making us lose loved ones, it would also lead to love?

For a couple who lived on the same apartment floor, the lockdown paved the way for their love affair.

Alex Morton and Stacie Pawlicki have lived in the same apartment building since September of 2019.  They first met when Stacie was waiting for a delivery and Alex went to say hello.

Photo Credit: Stacie Pawlicki

They saw each other several times since then but mostly in the elevator.

Stacie said, “Our conversations always pulled me in instantly, which made me realize something was there that felt different. I found myself naturally excited when I ran into him.”

But when Illinois was put on lockdown on March 20 in 2020, an encounter between the two in the hallway changed the course of their lives.

Photo Credit: Stacie Pawlicki

They chatted and Alex confessed that he always referred to Stacie as “the cute girl that lived on his floor.” That confirmed Stacie’s hunch that there was mutual attraction between them. So, he invited him the next day to start a new puzzle.

Stacie said, “I chalk it up to the pandemic and think, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ I also had a strong intuition telling me something was there worth exploring.”

Alex was “surprised” and “excited.” When they finally got together, they spent hours just getting to know each other better.

Photo Credit: Stacie Pawlicki

From there, they went on meeting each other’s families and moving together in a shared apartment.

Alex said, “We would spend weekdays in one apartment and weekends in the other. We both agree that our heads told us it was fast, while at the same time, it didn’t feel weird with how much we fit together in our relationship.”

The two both agree on meeting people organically rather than on dating apps.  Their meeting has now turned into a happy ending.

Photo Credit: Stacie Pawlicki

They hope that with vaccination, they would be able to do things like travelling together, watch movies and concerts, and exploring Chicago.

Love finds a way even in COVID-19 times.


Source: PEOPLE