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Cow Loves Getting Hugs From Her Human Dad [Video]



  • Jenna is a freemartin and is of no use to the dairy industry, so her parents, Ryan and Mallory, adopted her and took her home.
  • Ever since she was a calf, she’s used to log hugs from her dad and until she’s grown, she still loves doing that. 
  • She may be a really huge cow now, but she is still a baby inside who loves getting her parents’ attention.

When Jenna was adopted by her parents Ryan Phillips and his fiancée Mallory Sherman, they didn’t know she would be such a giant baby.

She was only a 3-day-old calf then and soon enough, she grew into a 1,000-pound healthy cow. But despite her huge size, Jenna is still a kid inside, and wants to get hugs from her dad all the time.

Photo Credit: Life WIth Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary

Jenna is a freemartin — she was born with a male twin, her ovaries are non-functioning, and she can’t produce milk — that means, she’s of no use to the dairy industry. But Ryan, who founded the Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary, knows that Jenna is special.

“Jenna’s personality has always been as full and vibrant as she seems today,” Ryan told The Dodo. “Because I spent 24 hours a day with her… I think she thought she was another human and has this attitude that anything she wants to do, she can do it with me.”

Photo Credit: Life WIth Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary

She makes it a point that her parents notice her everytime and give her attention. “She will find us at any window in the house and moo to us endlessly until we come out and give her hugs and scratch her or run around the yard,” Ryan said.

The long hugs from his dad was something that Jenna has grown up with and even now that she’s a really big girl, she still refuses to give that up!

Photo Credit: Life WIth Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary

“One of her favorite things from early on would be to put her head up against my leg and push it into it while I wrap my arms around her neck and scratch her,” Ryan said. “That’s her way of hugging … sometimes it lasts up to 20 minutes of her needing this cow-version of a hug.”

Although most of the days, she’s with the companion of Maisie, her adopted cow sister, her dad is still her favorite. And even if she’s very demanding of her parents’ attention, her dad and mom are always happy to give that to her. 

Photo Credit: Life WIth Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary

“Fortunately, she’s so cute that we’re happy to always give in to her demands,” Ryan said.

Source: The Dodo