CPR saves a kitten who slipped through a drainpipe [Video]

  • A kitten fell down a drainpipe and nearly died.
  • The kitten was not breathing when it was finally rescued.
  • One of the rescuers performed CPR on the kitten to bring it back to life.

A team of rescuers rescued a kitten that had slipped into a drain pipe and had nearly died. 

On Tuesday, the kitten fell 8 feet down a 4-inch-wide drainpipe outside a residence in Cleveland, Ohio.

The cat was rescued from the pipe by Kym and Gary from Kamm’s Cat Guardians, Craig and Mike from local news station WKYC, and Jim from the local Home Depot.

Kamm’s Cat Guardians

Jim devised a makeshift grabbing device in the hopes of lassoing the kitty and pulling her out.

During one of the unsuccessful rescue attempts, one of the rescuers begs the kitten, “Stay with me, please.”

The kitty was finally rescued – but she wasn’t breathing.

While rushing the cat to a veterinarian, one of the rescuers did CPR on her, and she awoke and began crying.

Kamm’s Cat Guardians

“She wasn’t breathing when she came out of the water but they did CPR on her and rushed her to MedVet. Soon after arriving at MedVet, she came around and started crying which was music to everyone’s ears. They kept her until her body temperature was back up to normal and she was eating,” read a Facebook post by Kamm’s Cat Guardians.

Matilda, the kitten, is now in foster care.

“Thanks to Gary, Kym, Jim, Craig and Mike, this little one can grow up to live a long life,” wrote Kamm’s Cat Guardians.

Source: sunny skyz

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